The Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA)

publishes articles and reviews. Articles cover the areas of Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese linguistics and Chinese literature. The Journal has proved to be an increasingly valuable medium for exchange of information and for scholarly discussions of the teaching and learning of Chinese language and literature. Three issues are published each year, with the publication schedule of February, May and October. A new feature added to the Journal, beginning with the May 2004 issue (Volume 39, Number 2), is “Letters to the Editor.” Open letters submitted to the Editor, expressing the writers’ thoughts and perspectives, will be selected by the Editor for publication in the Journal, together with the Editor’s replies.

JCLTA Index Online:( Our online, searchable and browsable journal index — available since 31 August 2004 — covers 1966 to the present. Beginning with Numbers 2 and 3 of Volume 38 (2003), abstracts for the articles are also linked to the index entries. Volume 38.2 (May 2003) contains English abstracts for each article, while Volume 38.3 (October 2003) and subsequent issues include bilingual abstracts — in Chinese and in English.

Since 2001, services related to JCLTA back issues — as well as services related to printing of the Journal — are managed by the Foreign Language Publications & Services ( is part of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center ( at the Ohio State University.

CLTA members receive the Journal as part of their membership. For membership application and for institutional subscriptions, please see the membership page ( more information. For submission of articles for consideration, please send an electronic file over the internet and one hardcopy to our JCLTA Editor at the address below. Submission of manuscripts is not limited to CLTA members, but prospective authors are encouraged to join CLTA. JCLTA also accepts ads, subject to screening, at a rate of $250 for a full page, and $125 for a half-page. Please send inquiries via email to the Journal editor.

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