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Editors: Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai | National Tsing Hua University 

            Ning Yu | Pennsylvania State University 

            Hongming Zhang | University of Wisconsin-Madison Executive 

            ISSN 2213-8706 | E-ISSN 2213-8714 

International Journal of Chinese Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish high-quality scientific studies of Chinese linguistics and languages (including their dialects). With this aim, the journal serves as a forum for scholars and students in the world who study all areas of Chinese linguistics and languages from all theoretical perspectives. Studies to be published in this journal can be theoretical or applied, qualitative or quantitative, synchronic or diachronic, or any combinations of the above, and interface studies, such as those looking into syntax-semantics interface, syntax-phonology interface, semantics-pragmatics interface, are encouraged. As such, this is a comprehensive and general Chinese linguistics journal which serves as a true international forum for all Chinese linguistics scholars and students regardless of their theoretical and topical interests. It is a bilingual journal and its official languages will be English and Chinese. This journal also upholds a double-blind peer-review policy. For more information, please read 

《国际中国语言学报》旨在发表研究中国语言(包括汉语和少数民族语言及方言)的高质量论文,每年两期,每期一百六十页。本刊为全世界从各种理论角度研究中国语言和语言学的学者、学生提供一个学术研讨平台。所刊论文将涵盖理论或应用研究、定性或定量研究、共时或历时研究,尤为重视各种视角和方法的界面研究(如句法与语义、语法与音系、语义与语用等)。因此,它是一个全方位综合性的中国语言学刊物,为业内同行提供一个名副其实的国际学术论坛,无论他们的理论价值取向为何。 《国际中国语言学报》是双语刊物,主要语言为英文,也会发表一定数量的中文稿件(约四分之一)。本刊采用双向匿名评审制。详情请阅读